10 to 1 Public Relations Doubles Down on Winning PR Strategy with Updated Branding

10 to 1 Public Relations Doubles Down on Winning PR Strategy with Updated Branding

Press Release Published: June 22, 2021

“For nearly a decade, 10 to 1 PR has been offering public relations services that are targeted, compelling, and achieve our clients’ goals,” said Josh Weiss, President and founder of 10 to 1 Public Relations. “In addition to wanting a modern, great-looking website, we wanted it to reflect our growth as a nationally-focused PR firm by showcasing our array of strategic communications services, as well as highlighting several success stories within the various industries we serve.”

Focused mostly on B2B and service-oriented B2C clients with a national or multi-city focus, 10 to 1 PR’s services include media relations, product and brand launches, employee communication, corporate social responsibility, trade show media, crisis communication management, awards submissions, speaking opportunities, and more. The new website also showcases more than 20 case studies of various strategic communications projects and campaigns that the firm has successfully designed and executed.

10 to 1 PR has built a diverse clientele of businesses across the U.S. and the globe from numerous industries including financial, health and wellness, professional services, real estate, manufacturing, mechanical and construction, technology, and transportation. The company collaborates with each client to develop a custom strategic communications plan built around achieving the client’s desired results.

“By working with organizations from a wide range of industries and goals, we’ve seen that public relations can be an integral part of any company’s holistic communications strategy. It’s great to have a brand and website that truly illustrate all that we are able to offer,” added Weiss.

10 to 1 PR was founded in 2012 on the philosophy that it takes 10 good things to be said about a business to equal one bad impression. The company achieves this by leveraging its storytelling skills to dominate industry and local market media to generate consistent, positive news coverage and by positioning its clients as industry thought leaders.

In recent years, the strategic communications firm has earned numerous industry accolades including 4 national Agency of the Year awards (Bulldog PR Awards, Titan Awards, PR World Awards, and the Stevie Awards), and local Agency of the Year honors from the Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Chapter. Last week, the company was named a Finalist for the second year in a row for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics.

The new website and updated logo were designed by brand communication and design firm TMBPartners of Scottsdale, Arizona and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Six Essential Benefits of Digital Marketing

Six Essential Benefits of Digital Marketing

What is the value of all these digital marketing efforts? What can they do for your organization? Why do you want/need them?



In today’s landscape, brands are built in the digital world. Your website provides a place to cement your message. Social networks, blogs, and videos give you a means to develop and hone your voice. Digital advertising offers an opportunity to extoll the benefits of your service to the people most interested in them.

With all the different aspects of digital marketing, organizations have a cost-effective way to define their brands directly to consumers like never before.



If your organization doesn’t exist on the internet in 2021, it may as well not exist. An organization without a web presence is an organization that 99.9% of the world has never heard of.

On the other hand, an organization with a strong digital presence can expand its audience in ways businesses could only have dreamed of 25 years ago. Today, it’s exceedingly likely that the majority of customers will get their first exposure to a brand online.



This B2B Community article notes that “corporate decision-makers reach as far as 67% of the way through their buying cycle before agreeing to talk to any vendors.”

What does that tell us? It tells us customers (in this specific case B2B customers) turn to web to investigate businesses or nonprofits before they work with them. They may not fill out a contact form—but don’t think people aren’t using your website, social profiles, and all the other digital information out there to learn more about your organization.

Effective branding, marketing, communication, and design solutions.



The more entrances you have to your organization, the more people are likely to come inside. That, in essence, is what digital marketing is: A series of doors leading people to learn more about your organization.

An individual may have heard of your brand before, but maybe it’s a shared social post or an email newsletter that leads them to explore your website and dig a little deeper. If that door wasn’t there, they couldn’t have opened it.



Most companies, have a network in place that is essential to business building—fellow professionals, former clients, partners, vendors, consultants, etc. Digital marketing gives you the ability to build up similar networks online.

For example, you may have your Twitter circle where you share information and build connections with people in your industry. This may lead to referrals or unexpected partnerships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Such is the magic and power of digital community building.



One of the best things about digital marketing is it leaves a trail for you. There are so many analytics available to show you things like who’s viewing what, how many people were interested in a specific piece of content, or what email got the best response. And you can view this data instantly.

Digital data offers a great opportunity to learn more about both your customers and your brand, and realize new or untapped opportunities.

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Scottsdale Marketing Firm TMBPartners Wins Top International Award

Scottsdale Marketing Firm TMBPartners Wins Top International Award

Press Release Published: October 19, 2021

Out of more than 5,000 submissions from 24 countries, TMBPartners has been named a Gold Award winner in the 2014 Summit Creative Award® competition. The SCA Gold Award reflects tmbpartners’ creative work integrating all aspects of the launch of Fishman Transducers’ Fluence Multi-Voice electric guitar pickups. Tmbpartners’ work on behalf of Fishman Fluence included website, design, content and programing; trade and consumer print advertising; video production and direction; trade and consumer collateral materials; assistance with product development; and more.

TMBPartners founder Thomas Blanck states, “Working with Fishman is a joy. They have such a clear vision for their company and its products. And as a designer, I really appreciate their attention to the visual, tactile and aural appeal of their products.”

MI (Musical Instrument) industry veteran and author Ritchie Fliegler, who has held senior positions at Marshall Amplification and Fender Musical Instruments, among others, and joined “TMB” as a partner five years ago, adds, “Companies like Fishman used to be the norm in the MI industry – scrappy, creative and run by founders who are players themselves. There are instruments in the lunchroom and guitars on desktops. This is the MI industry I love, and today is virtually gone. It’s an honor to work with these guys and to play a part in their continuing success. Oh, and the product? It’s a true revolution. Not surprisingly, though, when you consider that Fishman is the company that put acoustic sounds in Pete Townshend’s Strat, sonic “images” of studio mics in my J-45 acoustic, and batteries in bluegrass players’ 70-year-old Martins! They are a massively disruptive group.”

Chris DeMaria, director of marketing at Fishman, states, “For good reason, Fishman is synonymous with acoustic instruments. However, for this launch we needed players of all kinds to understand the technology-leadership role we have played… not just in acoustics, but with all instruments. We needed to do this without alienating the acoustic players who have embraced us as a market leader for over 30 years.Working with tmbpartners has re-energized our marketing and branding strategy. We’re delighted that they won an SCA Gold Award for a Fishman project.”

The Summit Creative Award (SCA) recognizes and celebrates the creative achievements of small and medium–sized advertising agencies worldwide with annual billings under $30 million. Celebrating its 20th year, the SCA has firmly established itself as the premier arbiter of creative excellence for firms of this size and has become a coveted honor.Entries in 20 major categories are judged against a stringent set of standards. During its blind judging (entering company names withheld) the Board of Judges search for and identify innovative and creative concepts, strong executions and the ability to communicate and persuade. Winners were selected in a widerange of categories, from print and broadcast to emerging and social media.

“Winning a Summit Creative Award is a significant accomplishment in one‘s career. With vetted judges, tough judging criteria, blind judging processes and strict bylaws limiting winners, only deserving entries receive recognition.” Said Jocelyn Luciano, executive director for the Summit International Awards (SIA). “The creative work this year was outstanding.  Watching the judges debate the details of individual entries in the run-off for the tops spots was inspiring.”

This year’s SCA creative competition included competing companies from the following 24 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.

This year’s SIA panel of international judges included:

  • Howard Alport, Principal, Brandimage – United States
  • Ilan Geva, Professor/Creative Director, Ilan Geva and Friends – United States
  • Fred Lebhart, President & CEO, efelle media – United States
  • Jack Adamson, Senior Creative, Crackerjack – Canada
  • Gautam Nath, Vice-President, Balmoral Multicultural Marketing – Canada
  • Mark Kamachi, Creative Director, ADMAKI – Canada
  • Luke Li, Art Director, 360i – United States
  • Curtis Wolowich, Creative Director, Agency59 – Canada
  • Augusto Correia, Integrated Creative Art Director, Artplan – Brazil
  • Marcus Enstrom, Creative Director, FaPa Familjen Pangea Advertising – Sweden
  • Josh Levine, Founder, CEO, Alexander Interactive – United States
  • Parveen Panwar, CEO, PMI 5 Media – United States
  • Marcelo Lopes, Principal, Marcelo Lopes Design – Brazil
  • Michael Mrakovcic, Executive Creative Director, Interact – Australia
  • Juan Pablo Valencia, Creative Director, Contrapunto/BBDO – Russia
  • Floor Wijburg, COO, W&I Consultants – Sweden

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