Website Seduction – 7 Tips For Irresistible Copy

Compelling copy can make the difference between a lackluster website and one that sizzles. Great websites can build your business around the clock by coaxing readers into action, from buying products to calling for a free consultation. Whatever new readers see and read is likely to be their first impression of you, your company or your organization. Here are 7 tips that we at TMBPartners employ to create powerful web presences for our clients:


Speak to our clients ideal prospects

Website copy casts a wide net, so we focus content to address specific personalities and situations. We learn who the ideal readers are, and what our clients can offer them. We understand the readers aspirations and challenges—and then we persuasively communicate how our clients can be of service to them.


Plan before we write

We begin by listing our clients’ products, features, and services—we then translate each one into benefits and advantages. Can our clients solve their readers’ problems or help them avoid trouble? Can our clients make their lives easier or richer? What are our clients’ customers burning issues and needs? We then create content that addresses each one directly or subtly.


Place key messages first

At TMBPartners we understand that website visitors make lightning decisions to stay or move on. We get down to business simply and seductively. Details come later, either on deeper website subpages or reader requests. We develop copy that is brief and easily scanned–making every word count using compelling headers, subheads, lists, and bullets to quickly communicate the needed messaging.


Honor your ideal prospects first, then SEO

Sacrificing readability and clarity to Search Engine Optimization can result in copy crammed with redundancies, stripped of style or appeal. Yes, Google is part of the big picture and SEO keywords can result in a higher ranking on search engines. However, at TMBPartners we start by determining the words our clients’ ideal prospects will use to search for them or their products and services. We sprinkle that list of keywords into the copy to make it easy and organic to create quality content that is SEO-friendly.


Enhance copy with compelling images

The visual appeal of a website can have a great impact—positive or negative. At TMBPartners we marry content and imagery from the very beginning while considering our clients’ ideal customers aspirations, needs, and goals. People around the world gather and process information in different ways, so we appeal to those differences by including graphs, photographs, videos, and infographics.


Write accurate, easy to understand content

Few things can destroy credibility faster than a landing page or entire website with errors in spelling and/or grammar. At TMBPartners we edit, proof, edit, proof—then repeat. We use words your readers already know, and speak in a voice that aligns with your brand.


Compel your readers to action

One of the main goals of websites developed by TMBPartners is to convert readers into customers or clients as quickly as possible. Our web copy is written to persuade readers to take the next step—whatever that might be. TMBPartners websites are designed for easy navigation, while including the necessary structure and tools to convert prospects into customers or clients.

We can make your job easier.