Pick and Grab – Don’t Do It

“Pick and grab” – the act of rewriting content from your competitors and presenting it as your own may seem like a quick and easy way to create content, but it can ultimately do more harm than good. When you simply rewrite and paste information from other sources, you’re not adding anything new or original to the conversation, which can lead to your content being generic, uninspired, and ultimately ineffective.

One of the biggest problems with using this approach is that it doesn’t allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you’re just regurgitating the same information that others in your industry are sharing, there’s nothing that sets you apart. You’re essentially blending in with the crowd, and your content is easily forgettable.

Another issue with “pick and grab” is that it doesn’t take into account your unique brand voice and perspective. Your content should reflect your brand’s values, beliefs, and personality. If you’re simply rewriting from others, you’re not showcasing your own voice, which can make your content feel disingenuous and disconnected from your audience.

The “pick and grab” may seem like a shortcut, but it ultimately harms your content’s effectiveness. It hinders your ability to differentiate yourself from competitors, and lacks originality. Instead, focus on creating unique content that reflects your brand’s voice and perspective, and provides value to your audience.

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