Be Scrappy

Most businesses start by being scrappy, by solving a customer problem or meeting a need with a unique product or service. As the business grows, the focus often shifts to daily operations and it loses touch with customer wants, needs and desires. The customer perception of the business grows stale and pull marketing starts to slip, which creates an opportunity for another scrappy-minded company to gain market share and steal customers.

Being scrappy means committing to a result and doing whatever it takes to reach that goal, even if you have to move mountains without the resources, tools and budget that your competition has. It’s knowing that you won’t succeed by repeating what everyone else is already doing. It means capitalizing on your competitors’ weaknesses, working harder and smarter, responding nimbly to change, and having a sense of urgency that drives you to action. What some see as conservative and safe, we see as a failure to stay scrappy – obedience to the status quo, complacency. Remember that complacency creates an opportunity for a scrappy competitor. Being scrappy and staying that way creates opportunities for you!

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