4 Simple Strategies for Raising Website Conversions

For most brands, conversion rates measure the value of their entire Internet presence. Steering traffic to your website is just the first step. Unless visitors take action—in a word, convert—your website is not doing what it should. Whether you need a website to sell or just capture contact information, at TMBPartners we implement the following strategies to boost conversion rates and profits.


A/B test—all the time

At TMBPartners we are constantly testing and improving websites. Based on data, we test headlines, page layouts and navigation. Sometimes we even create two versions of a page (A and B) then split incoming traffic between them and track results. We keep buttons large and describe offers in language that sounds inviting while testing different ways to communicate key points.


Create a clear, compelling value proposition

Visitors to your website need to know exactly what you can do for them. They also need to know, why you? Why not someone else? At TMBPartners we know exactly how your products and services stand above the crowd. Then we capitalize on those differences.


Create authentic and clear voices

Clarity is the key to persuasion. At TMBPartners we explain your products and their benefits in a way that resonates with its intended audience.


Give your visitors the time they need

If your organization doesn’t exist on the internet in 2016, it may as well not exist. An organization without a web presence is an organization that 99.9% of the world has never heard of.

On the other hand, an organization with a strong digital presence can expand its audience in ways businesses could only have dreamed of 25 years ago. Today, it’s exceedingly likely that the majority of customers will get their first exposure to a brand online.

We can make your job easier.