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At TMB we provide a holistic approach to digital marketing that maximizes your resources with strategic campaign creation, personalized management, proactive data analysis, and targeted visual communications. For nearly a decade, TMB has been providing businesses with proven strategies and techniques that target the right person, with the right message,
on the right media – to generate the right results. Call us at 480.947.1149 to see how we can help your business succeed in the digital space.

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With every business there comes a point when you start to search for answers. How do I grow? What do customers really want from us? What are the opportunities and competitive challenges? And more... When it comes to developing strategic marketing and advertising programs, it’s all about posing the right questions to the right people, and then sorting out the answers.

Your Company/Your Brand™ (YC/YB) is our process of Discovery >Strategy > Tactics. It’s inclusive, collaborative, and creative.

No matter what business you’re in, YC/YB doesn’t guess what you need. It questions, everything! And then applies strategic insights and identifies key priorities. Our YC/YB process allows us to develop and execute successful marketing communication and design solutions that maximize results and propel businesses forward.

To learn more about Your Company / Your Brand® and how it can help your company, contact tmbpartners today.

tmbpartners is a marketing, communication, and design firm located in Scottsdale Arizona. For over a decade we have been helping clients embrace the realities and challenges created by the modern, global marketplace. We don’t simply guess what is needed; we mine for strategic insights, identify key priorities and then activate them, helping our clients make the most of their marketing resources and investments.

Official Contributors

Tom Blanck
As the Founder and Creative Director of tmbpartners, Tom believes “the secret to good design lies much deeper than visual appeal.” A designer at heart, Tom understands that behind every well-executed design is one key element: strategy. Also trained in engineering and photography, he begins every project by understanding exactly how something works and then uses that information to create the design and strategy.

Throughout his 18 years in the marketing and advertising industry, companies such as AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Neiman Marcus and Chevrolet (to name just a few) recognized Toms’ strengths and sought him out to develop campaigns and product launches that resulted in increased revenue, decreased expenses and exceptional brand exposure.
Ritchie Fliegler
A voyage of passion, creativity and discovery has led Ritchie to this important principle: greatness is achieved through critical thinking, energy, passion and responsibility. His extensive resume includes tenures as a Sr. VP of Marketing and business/market development at Fender Musical Instruments and Vice President of Marketing at Barrett-Jackson classic car events.

Ritchie states, “My real-world media and production experience comes into play with clients who are often overwhelmed by all of the new and old media they’ve been told they need to participate in. None of this stuff is magic, it all serves a purpose, but too often that purpose is lost in the noise of the latest must-do initiative. I enjoy walking clients through this maze, easing their stress, helping them focus on what they need.”

Our dynamic and innovative thinking has created success for regional, national, and international companies within the automotive, engineering, education, healthcare, technology, construction, philanthropic, food service, legal, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, consulting, hospitality and franchise industries.

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results applied to your business, contact us today.

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