Why Social Media

Social media gives brands an unprecedented opportunity for a human-centered approach to marketing and communication. In practice, this means that online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and more provide a vital, direct line of communication between brands and consumers. A direct line of communication via social media platforms can be advantageous to a brand for the following reasons:

  • Build Credibility
    • It signals to existing and potential customers that the brand is modern, technologically competent, available, and interested in engagement by the nature of its online presence, thus increasing its credibility in the eyes of consumers.
  • Guide Online Discourse
    • It allows the brand to proactively guide the online conversation surrounding its services and/or products.
  • Better Customer Feedback
    • It provides more avenues for both direct and indirect feedback regarding the external perceptions of the brand from existing and potential customers.
  • Go Beyond Traditional Media Channels
    • It attracts users who might not otherwise be exposed to the brand’s marketing and advertising messages on other media channels like television, radio, or print.
  • Keep Up, Or Get Left Behind
    • In industries where few or no brands are cultivating an online presence, the first brand to do so stands to gain an immense amount of online market share by the nature of being the only brand doing social media correctly in that particular marketing space.

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