Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants

What is a medical practice’s business model? B to B? B to C? What is their brand? Who are their customers, their patients? Insurance companies? Patient families? All of the above? What is the Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants Reason To Believe? How do you market in the highly regulated medical field and how do you do it without compromising professionalism?

What does TMBPartners know about Atrial Fibrillation? Not much. After YC/YB, what do we know about AAC’s practice and how they should go about improving it? Lots.

Deliverables include:

  •  YC/YB fact-finding and presentations
  • Identity design
  • Patient and referring physician communication materials
  • Website development and management

Understand who your customers really are and want they want from you.

Know what other goods products or services resonate with your customers.

Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants

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