About Us

About Us

TMBPartners is a marketing, communication, and design firm located in Scottsdale Arizona. For over a decade we have been helping clients embrace the realities and challenges created by the modern, global marketplace. We don’t simply guess what is needed; we mine for strategic insights, identify key priorities and then activate them, helping our clients make the most of their marketing resources and investments.

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Tom Blanck

As the Founder and Creative Director of TMBPartners, Tom believes “the secret to good design lies much deeper than visual appeal.” A designer at heart, Tom understands that behind every well-executed design is one key element: strategy. Also trained in engineering and photography, he begins every project by understanding exactly how something works and then uses that information to create the design and strategy.

Throughout his 25+ years in the marketing and advertising industry, companies such as AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Neiman Marcus and Chevrolet (to name just a few) recognized Toms’ strengths and sought him out to develop campaigns and product launches that resulted in increased revenue, decreased expenses and exceptional brand exposure.

Ritchie Fliegler

A voyage of passion, creativity and discovery has led Ritchie to this important principle: greatness is achieved through critical thinking, energy, passion and responsibility. His extensive resume includes tenures as a Sr. VP of Marketing and business/market development at Fender Musical Instruments and Vice President of Marketing at Barrett-Jackson classic car events.

Ritchie states, “My real-world media and production experience comes into play with clients who are often overwhelmed by all of the new and old media they’ve been told they need to participate in. None of this stuff is magic, it all serves a purpose, but too often that purpose is lost in the noise of the latest must-do initiative. I enjoy walking clients through this maze, easing their stress, helping them focus on what they need.”

Claire Slattery

As the head of our digital marketing department, Claire directs and manages our clients’ digital advertising campaigns – from vision and creation, to launch, optimization and completion.

Much of Claire’s work involves starting with the individual Your Company/Your Brand (YC/YB) findings and resultant digital media assets, and then putting them all in motion. She states, “Everything I do is strategized around our client’s goal(s). Working this way give a purpose and clarity to our activations and ensures that resources are going to be spent wisely… helping our clients reach their objectives for the lowest cost, with the highest conversion rate.”

Tierney Mitchell

Tierney’s natural gift for clear and fun conversation, and her academic concentrations in Management and Marketing are a perfect match for her unique position and TMBPartners, “I create and schedule content for our clients’ social media platforms. I also do the continuous “active listening” for each page to make sure questions are answered promptly, fires are tamped down, and the information is accurate. This is important because I am the person behind the social media pages where most companies would just have machines. Having a real, knowledgeable person interacting on social and other digital media is a huge difference between us and other companies.”

Cooper Richardson

After seven years of designing and developing websites and brands for companies around the globe, Cooper joined TMB Partners to advance the digital presence of our clients. As a technology enthusiast and continual learner, he has experience in web development, user interface design, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, and autonomous drones.

Cooper’s penchant for teaching helps him inform and inspire our clients about the technology expressing their digital strategy. He believes, “When you break a complex problem down into it’s elements, finding solutions and making decisions becomes a lot easier. So much of today’s technology appears opaque at first, but that’s only because it is too complex to understand as a whole. I enjoy finding simple ways of explaining these complex concepts in a way that everyone can understand.”

James Welch

“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” It’s with this outlook that James approaches every project. Whether it’s a local non-profit, national or international company, James brings a less is more mentality that delivers the simplest solution possible, while taking client goals and expectations into consideration.

As a multi-disciplinary graphic designer/web developer, James has delivered creative and out of the box solutions across brand identity, print, and digital media.

Chanda Cregg

Chanda Cregg has years of experience working directly with clients in the digital space. Much of her experience lies with implementing and analyzing marketing strategies and their overall impact on corporate objectives and bottom line ROI. She has a broad range of experience, developing digital marketing strategies for retail, manufacturing and non-profit clients in the West Michigan area. Critical thinking and an analytical mindset have contributed to her success in managing client campaigns and her certification in Six Sigma/Green Belt from Villanova University demonstrates her dedication to improving business process capabilities, which is an added benefit to our clients.

Join Us

We’re always looking for friendly, enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic individuals to join our team! We foster a spirit of teamwork and excitement where your voice is heard and your talents shine. We’ve built a culture and workplace that encourages collaboration, fresh ideas and mutual respect. If your interested in joining our hardworking, creative and fun team please submit you resume to info@tmbpartners.com

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